A wild meat eating predator can be crazy for food while it is much hunger. Wild is always wild that will always find proper chance to attack for a great feast. Lion is one of them that is the king of beast and toddlers love this animal most in the zoo.  A small kid has been caught on camera at a Texas zoo, seemingly oblivious to the desperate efforts of one of its residents to make a meal out of him.
The little boy is brought to the lion enclosure at a  zoo but the moment was changed when the lioness goes crazy for eating him. The best part is that this tiny human is completely oblivious to what is going on around him. The little baby is placed on the floor by mom, in front of the lion exhibit. The glass is right behind him and you can see a lioness prowling on the other side. This would have totally freaked you out, but the baby is as cool as a cucumber.

The lioness possibly wanted him as a delicious piece of meat she would want for her next meal. Regardless, the interaction was adorable.  Don't forget to share this amazing video with your friends and on Facebook.