You must be scared when you see a motorbike is running through the street without any driver. You must say-how is it possible? You may have seen the famous movie "The Ghost Rider " where there is a ghost motorbike that can move without any driver that is not possible for the effect.
This is the strange moment a motorbike was filmed driving along the motorway but without a rider. Here in this video, you can see the motorbike is running speedily throw the road. But how is it possible?  A perplexed passenger captured the bizarre moment on video as the vehicle without a motorist drove on a Parisian motorway in France.

The video clip begins with the black and grey bike wobbling slightly as it makes its way down the road, driving close to the central reservation.  The most astonishing matter is it was running throw the safe side of the road. It is not known for certain how the bike managed to continue going without a driver.

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