Have you ever think, the four tires of a car can be changed within a second? You must say this is impossible and nothing but the words of mad. After watching the video, you will never deny this. This has been made possible the team of a racing car competition. Even though it may not seem obvious, racing is actually a team competition. The driver must depend on their pit crew to repair and maintain their car with super fast speed and accuracy. Literally ever second counts.
DHL is proud to brag that their pit crew is one of the fastest in the world. Just watch as they repaired their car in record time. They did it within a blink of an eye. If you want to take a peek behind the curtain and get an idea what kind of coordination a pit stop like that requires, check out the video below. It breaks down the role each of the 18 crew members have, letting you watch in slow motion as they jack the car up, pull the old wheels off, and attaching the new ones. Actually incredible!

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