Marine animal behavior can appear threatening to divers who do not understand the purpose behind the behavior. Many sea animals are completely docile but just look scary and some animals that appear friendly can actually be quite aggressive. Almost all aquatic life injuries are caused by defensive behavior on the part of the animal. Don't bother the fish and they won't bother you. But sometimes fish becomes curious to see something that they think that is their food.
Hear in this video, you can see a diver is meeting with a massive fish under water in the sea. This young man definitely gets quite a scare from this super-sized fish. This curious grouper wanted to know what that strange creature was. While checking out this young scuba diver, the diver thinks that it wants to be friends. Petting the fish finally annoys it. Its demeanor changes drastically and it attacks the diver. But it attacks the bag of the diver that was hanging on his neck. It was a great luck for the diver because it didn't attack his body part.

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