Train is the most common transport in the entire world. The first train of the world was invented and its engine was steam engine that was too slow to move. Gradually it is developed with the development of the science. Japan is now at the stage of advance in science and technology in the technological world. Their inventions are now an amazement for the world.

Japanese Maglev is considered the fastest train of the world. It can travel at 374 miles per hour or 603 kmh. The test run was conducted near Mount Fuji last year and it breaks its own record of 366 miles per hour (590 km per hour)just previous week after the last test. They actually change its design and get more speed from the past.

Maglev trains is now operating in Shanghai and Changsha, in China and Incheon, in South Korea but at its slower speed. It uses the magnetic repulsion and levitate the train up from the ground that reduces friction with the rail track that propel it forward. It is perhaps Japan’s boldest rail innovation yet.

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