Plane crash can occur in different way and there are two reasons that are mostly responsible for plane crush- mechanical failure and the error piloting of the pilots. Every year many people die by plain crushes. Bad weather accounts for around 10 per cent of aircraft losses. Sometimes it can happen for thunder bolt or the birds.

Aircraft are complex machines that require a lot of management. If it goes wrong when it is operated by pilot, lots of live can be lost. Because pilots actively engage with the aircraft at every stage of a flight, there are numerous opportunities for this to go wrong, from failing to program of the vital flight-management computer correctly that can miscalculate the required fuel uplift.

Here in this video, you can see some most terrifying plane crashes that were caught on camera. A mini plane was landing on the runway and the runway was ready for landing. But it crushed near the runway instead of run way. The reason of this plane crush was unidentified but this may occur for technical failure. You can watch some other plane crushes through this video.

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