The world’s most famous bridges may not be the longest bridges,tallest bridges or highest bridges but they are the most recognizable bridges in the world by far. Man has been using architecture to bridge the gaps between physical obstacles for the purpose of providing an easy passage. Most of these bridges are also regarded as landmarks and are a vital part of the infrastructures of regions around the world. Some have even become city icons because of their influence and engineering wonder.

This circular reinforced concrete bridge of Uruguay’s Atlantic coast is a different kind of bridge that is nice looking. The precast superstructure was completed with on-site concreting the upper slab. This Laguna Garzon Bridge is a bridge famous for its complete circular shape. This bridge is located in Garzon, Uruguay and the designer is renowned Uruguayan architect Rafael Vinoly. The strategy of this circular shape is to force drivers to slow down their driving and allows for pedestrian access along the one-way circular route.

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