Yamashita’s Gold is also called the Yamashita Treasure is the name given to the alleged war loot stolen in Southeast Asia by Japanese forces during World War II and hidden in caves, tunnels, underground complexes or just underground in the Philippines. After the Japanese was losing the war and the American forces started sinking Japanese ships on the high seas. The Japanese decided to leave their treasures in the Philippines. General Tomoyuki Yamashita organized and commanded digging tunnels and finding caves in which to hide all of the gold and other valuable items. Later Yamashita was hanged for his crimes.

This viral video shows how treasure hunters found dozens of gold bars in an unknown cave in the Philippines. They have found these gold bars surrounded by numerous war helmets, rifle bayonets and a fortune in old coins. Though it isn’t clear as to where and when the video was taken, many citizens believe the treasure trove to be part of the alleged Yamashita’s gold.

These gold hunters found this in a cave and they think that there are many treasures in this region. Now Philippines is rich in gold that the Japanese left here in this country.

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