You must be astonished when you will see a snake is eating a crocodile. This is a pretty impressive sight. We know about the powerful jaw of the crocodile. It is not uncommon for snakes to take down and devour large animals if the size becomes large. Large snakes are extremely strong and capable of taking down animals that weigh several hundred pounds. Once the animal is down, snakes like anacondas or python will squeeze and suffocate them before swallowing them whole.

Here a terrifying wrestling happens when a crocodile comes near a giant python in a rain forest when the reporter was riding his bike in the Big Cypress Preserve. Joe realized the stars in this show were a 6-foot alligator and an enormous snake that finally appeared in water.

It was actually terrifying, mesmerizing and beautiful battle between predator and prey that at times looked as graceful as a water ballet. He didn’t want to loss the chance to capture the footage. The alligator thrashed around under the water when the python wrapped the alligator which occasionally poked its head above the water to catch a breath. The alligator is dragged down by the snake into the swamp.

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