Piranhas have never had the most darling of reputations. As ferocious and fearsome as the piranhas are, they are not invulnerable. As young the piranhas are a tasty part of many other creatures’ diet. As voracious adults the piranha feed on young herons that fall from the trees while learning to fly, or young alligator that are too little to defend themselves.

Piranhas are world-famous for their razor-sharp teeth. Native peoples of South America will catch the piranha and use their teeth to make tools and weapons. Even the fisherman who catch these vicious little predators have to be careful when the fish is out of water. A single piranha out of water is still dangerous enough to take off the flesh, or the odd toe, from an unwary fisherman.

Here in this video, you can see a man’s stupidity that happened when he went fishing in a river. Stupid is as stupid does. What the hell does that mean anyways? This fisherman who got bitten by a piranha no it didn’t bite his finger half off, while he was cleaning it. This guy is showing the sharpness of the teeth of this fish. He knew it well about the bite. But he got bitten for his stupidity.

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