Anyone who’s been a trucker for a while has probably experienced a tire blow out. Many truckers have seen the damage a blown tire can do to the front fender or trailer. Likewise, some motorists have been frightened by the shotgun sound of a tire exploding on that big rig in the lane next to them.

Here in this video, you can see a most terrifying truck accident. Traffic camera captured this shocking moment on Slovenian highway, when semi truck’s tire suddenly exploded. Vehicle was slammed into another car then into the safety barriers when it rolled over. The load was pure salt, 80, 000 pounds of it now spilled on the asphalt on the highway in Slovenia. The driver of this truck was very lucky that he survived this brutal crash. It is very odd though that the tire got the truck flipping over, causing it to spill the cargo too and making a hard injury on the driver.

The driver of this loaded truck was unconscious for 4 hours in the hospital. He was seriously injured by breaking jawbone and he had lost about 1.5 liters of blood. Miraculously he survived after this fatal crash that was a great luck after this terrifying crash.

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