Cold is funny thing to someone that gives them another joy. In some countries of the world become freeze at a specific time of the year. This time this cold season gives them another beauty that is not usual like other season.

Here in this video you can see an incredible creepy thing that is like the character of the science fiction film. What happens when you are seeing huge ice is approaching to engulf your house. This is not a scene of the sci-fi film. This is real that happened in Minnesota. This ice wave came ashore in parts of Minnesota and Canada over the weekend, damaging homes and sending residents darting for safety.

Videos of the ice wave coming ashore show a white, billowy mass of ice crystals inching across lawns, backyards, patios and driveways like a slow-moving wall of white lava. The man is capturing this beautiful moment with his camera. In some areas, the ice wave reached heights of 30 feet tall. The wall of ice punctured homes coming into the buildings and pushing through doorways and windows.

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