"We know what happened. We don’t know why it happened. The train obviously came in at too high a speed and didn’t stop, went through the barriers." The description may have heard who have witnessed the most terrifying train accident. Train accident may happen anytime for the small mistake or place on wrong tracking.

A little rock may occur a massive train crash that can snatch lot of lives. There are a number of reasons why train accidents occur. The most common is train conductor negligence, train derailment, improper maintenance of the train tracks, faulty equipment, collision with another train, collision with a car, bus or truck trying to cross train tracks, collapsed bridges and faulty train crossings.

Here in this video you can see some of the terrifying train crashes that were caught on camera. Most of the footage were recorded by the surveillance camera. This footage will not only the scene of the train wrecks but it can be the fact of improving awareness of the mass people.

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