For the security in airport, the security officers check the body of the passengers. Sometimes passengers are assaulted by the excuse of security checking.
CNN Reporter Angela Rye was randomly selected for additional screening by Transport Security Administration (TAS) officers at Detroit’s Metro Airport on a Friday. While making her way through TSA at an airport, a safety routine that the political correspondent goes through regularly for her career. Angel Rye was singled out to go through an added security check.

Actually it was very disgusting checking for the woman. Following this, she promptly asked the police officer called to the scene to film. Angela Rye was told she would need to be given a ’backhanded pat-down’ on the upper thigh. The disturbing footage shows Angela looking incredibly uncomfortable as the female officer roughly frisks her body. The agent reportedly violated Rye’s body and right to privacy by lifting up her dress and touching her genitals twice during the check.

By this assaulting, she appears to be on the brink of tears. Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.