Sometimes your travel can be fearful or fading when something terrifying happens. Swimming in the sea is a great moment when someone passes his holidays. They were enjoying the beautiful day in the sea. When seagulls flock in a group, it’s usually an indication that there is some kind of feeding going on. When this Santa Cruz woman was enjoy the glistening sun, she actually got her second life. She didn’t think this.

Two giant humpback whales emerged out of nowhere. The whales were feeding off a school of anchovies. It’s safe to say, they scared the living heck out of the girl who took cover behind the small boat tugging her. The whales have been encouraging off of an extensive gathering of anchovies that rushed to the Santa Cruz coast. This made a whirlwind of whale sightings in the territory as the behemoths accumulated to devour.

This was a great luck for this bikini girl. The whale was just a little away from the whale. She could easily get engulfed by the enormous Whale.

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