Man’s technology is developing day by day. We can not think what is coming in the next world. We have seen many incredible things already that was not invented before. Man is trying to make new things always.
Some scientists have designed some cars that will be affordable for all to use it. Tyre is an important fact of the car. The speed of the car depend on the structure of the Tyre. most of the car construction company give importance of the design of the Tyre. They are trying to invent some newer thing that will never face any problem like burst, leakage or others. We have seen many vehicle that has air tight Tyre but if it is only rubber, how will be the facilities. Michelin X Tweel Turf is really a one single unit which is made to supplant the whole tire – wheel – valve gathering and make your life simpler. It has no tube, metal spoke or any fear of fraction.
The name is basically unpronounceable – The MICHELIN X TWEEL® TURF™ Airless Radial Tire, and it ought to end up the end for all your tire issues that you use to had.
It has poly-tar spoke in stead of metal spoke. It also extraordinary parallel strength that can run on any kind of slop.

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