The terrifying moment an oncoming train crashed into a truck on a railway track has been caught on camera. The video of the incident shows the collision where the truck cautiously moving over a railway crossing in the Chilean town of Requinoa, in the central O'Higgins region.
The train which was not carrying passengers at the time, then rushes into view and smashes the truck into several pieces. You can see the truck was crossing the tracks through a railway crossing. Seconds into the video, the train approaches the crossing at high speed. It is then seen crashing into the truck and continuing forward. While the truck looks completely destroyed, you can see the pieces of the truck spread on the ground.

The train driver’s assistant, identified as Jaime Aliaga, was also killed, reports The Sun. The train driver, Patricio Salinas, was severely injured and died later and the truck driver died hours later in the hospital.

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