When a girl or a boy touches the private parts of the opposite gender, their feelings will be high emotional or priceless. It would be quite interesting to have them touch intimate body parts of the other. The video shows how gay guys react after touching girl's breast for the first time.
YouTube stars Bria and Chrissy recently attempted to discover what lesbians really think of penises – now they have tested a bunch of their gay male friends and asked them to touch their breasts. The gay guys in this video, however, act like they are being asked to pet a steaming piles of feces laced with hydrochloric acid and rabid mice. It is pretty ridiculous, especially since most of them acknowledge by the end that they're just squishy meat sacks. Still not flattering, but certainly not dangerous that one guy says.

Instead, she remained clothed while four gay men tapped, poked, prodded, groped, and squeezed her chest over the course of a two-minute video.  'I've never touched a breast. As an adult,' says a baseball-cap wearing man named Davey Wavey. But despite his lack of experience, he felt that feeling Bria's breasts which are fairly big - first was a major leap.

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