You will never pop a cyst with a needle and a hammer but most of the people go to medical professionals when they find big cyst over the body. This guy decided he didn’t need any doctor to pop his cyst. Cysts similar to pimples should not be popped, despite their unaesthetically pleasing fluid-filled swelling appearance.
The man, known only as Jason, from Vancouver, uploaded the clip to YouTube after his wife filmed the stomach-churning moment. He concocted his own do-it-yourself ganglion cyst-popping remedy with the help of a needle, pliers and a screwdriver. The man told his wife and sister-in-law to pop the cyst. 

You can see, he places his left arm on a table. Jason’s sister-in-law then proceeds to insert the needle into the cyst while holding it in place with a pair of pliers. It is then he begins to cry of pain when she hammers the needle deeper into the cyst. Despite his excruciating pain and loud moans, Jason tells his sister-in-law, “I think we can go a little deeper.” After one last hit, he adds, “It's in there pretty good. Now we've got to pull it out.” Jason has the needle successfully removed from his wrist. He begins to squeeze the sticky and translucent cyst. At last he gets rid of from the cyst.

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