Licking your own elbow is supposed to be one of life's impossibilities but not if you have an extraordinarily long tongue. Have you ever tried this trick? This is totally impossible and it a physical impossibility.
This beautiful girl, Gerkary Bracho, from Ocala, Florida, has been showing off her lengthy licker in this
video. This pretty lady performs a bunch of tongue tricks that will totally blow your mind. First, she sticks out her tongue to reveal it’s unbelievable length. Then, she effortlessly turns to the side to touch her tongue to her nose. Then, with a little tug, she stretches her tongue way out of her mouth and touches her earlobe!

She might just break the Guinness World Record for having the world’s longest tongue that measures at an incredible 4.48 inches. She says her tongue measures 4.48 inches, which, if verified, would lick the 3.97-inch tongue of current record holder Nick Stoeberl.

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