Love is the best feelings of the world. A real lover can do anything for his boy friend or girl friend. Most of the times, boyfriends do some thing hard for their girlfriends. Romantic stories of men gallantly throwing their coats over puddles of water to spare their beloved's feet from getting wet are not just medieval fairy tales.
When modern-day teenagers are in love, they'll also do anything to prove how much they really care. So when this young Mexican couple dubbed 'Romeo and Julieta' by their friends - gets caught in the pouring rain, the boyfriend takes his queue to prove himself as a 'real man'.

You can see the man was carrying his girl across the street to protect her from the flood waters below. All were going well but moment change when both of them fall in deep hole under water.  The man commits a big mistake but this happened unfortunately. Unluckily the couple plunges into the muddy water! Just goes to show you that being the gentleman sucks.

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