You will never expect a large snake inside toilet for morning work. What would you do if you were to wake up early in the morning, visit the toilet only to find a giant python taking a nap in there? This type of incident happened recently to a Queensland family. Snake was the last thing anyone expected to meet in the toilet.
When one of the family members went to the latrine for complete his morning work, he found something disturbing after flushing toilet. The reason was a snake that hide in it. When the flushing fails, the catcher reaches into the ring of the toilet to remove the reptile from the ceramic throne, somehow without the deadly creature going after him.

This brown tree snake that eventually placed into a bag and the family can now use their toilet again without the risk of getting bitten by a poisonous snake. If you live near a forest, you must need noticing places that are a proper place for reptile hiding.

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