When we think of ghost stories, we generally think of spooky, haunting and terrifying tales told at night around a campfire. But not all ghosts are out for revenge and scares and a few of them could even be called friendly ghosts. We're not talking about Casper here or anything, but the fact is that sometimes ghosts just want to be helpful. Maybe they want to be kind to children or even save lives. Either way, there are plenty of stories about ghosts that are not terrifying at all.
Here the footage shows a girl was apparently saved by a ghost of her father moving at inhuman speed as she wandered into busy highway. And the whole thing was captured on CCTV. When a car almost run over the girl, an angel looking light comes and save the little girl. The girl thought it might be the soul of his father.

The strange looking thing flew away the girl with a great speed and keep her on the safe place and this happened within a great speed. The grainy traffic footage shows the girl of about 8-year old without adult accompaniment wandering into the oncoming traffic at night. Many people shows their different opinions after watching the video.

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