If you are lazy or passing a stressful life, so it is tough living alone. You have to do everything by yourself: wake up on time, prepare meals and do all the chores. You must need a helper who will never rebuke you. The dog in the video below is so helpful, she helps her humans carry grocery bags to the house. Her name is Jesse. You can see in the video that Jesse really likes to help doing all things.

The video shows the one-year-old dog, who performs a whole host of activities and chores. From sweeping the floor to doing the laundry, playing the piano and even indulging in a game of table tennis, the brief clip reveals Secret to be extremely talented. Jesse can help around with almost everything, including fetching the mail, taking out the trash and shopping, making life easier for his beloved human.

You can never imagine what the dog can do that generally a man can do. Don\'t forget to share this video with your friends and on Facebook.