Many badass guys show their high risk performances that can go wrong any time. There are lot of incidents of such stunts that goes completely wrong and many people pass away or become greatly injured. A woman constantly puts her life on the line by allowing her husband to slice coconut on her neck using a large sword, a video uploaded to the Internet showed.
The man and his wife of India, earns a living by smashing coconut on his wife’s body. Most of us will think twice before resorting to this kind of daredevil stunts, for the couple in Andhra Pradesh, it is just life as normal. His wife, Bhramaramba Budati allows her husband to crush and cut them on her body.

This man routinely slices coconut on his wife’s neck and stomach in front of many onlookers. However, the stunts do not end with coconut. The couple also performs other daredevil stunts, including smashing tiles and lights and breaking ice blocks. All the items are broken on the body of the woman.

You can see the man hits on the coconut using a sword keeping on the throat of the woman who is laying on the ground. The locals gather their to see the performance. Never do this stunt at home.

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