Man is the most dangerous creature of the world who can do such thing that you can never imagine. Thieves are some of them who can steal any thing within a blink of an eye. A dramatic footage shows the moment a cyclist rugby-tackled and fought off a thief who tried to steal his bike after he left it unlocked for just seconds.
The cycle shop mechanic gave chase after spotting an opportunist youth attempting to ride away on his carbon racing bike, which he had propped up against a wall outside a shop. The CCTV footage shows him running at the thief after he climbed into the saddle of his bike in Dublin just 16 seconds after it was left unguarded.

Cyclist 'steals back' stolen bike from thief selling it online. After taking him down, the mechanic confronts the thief, who briefly puts up a fight before fleeing with a friend. The bike was damaged as its owner wrestled it back from the thief. It is actually an incredible matter.

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