Many people in this world are suffering from bizarre diseases. Some of them are curable and some are incurable. Some people are born with bizarre body. This is not curse for them. But many people believe that these are curse.  A mysterious condition has caused a boy's hands to grow 12 inches long.
The name of this boy is Tarik. Tarik, 12, from Uttar Pradesh, India, has had big hands since birth, which, although not diagnosed, some local doctors speculate it may be Elephant Foot disease. The local people call him as Devil boy.  Villagers who believe his large hands to be the result of a curse. As well as enduring cruel jibes from neighbors and old friends, Tarik, who works on a tea stall, has even been refused admission to school as they worry his hands will scare other students.

The family have been unable to afford visits to doctors after his father's death to inquire about treatment. Tarik still hopes, he will one day be cured.  He wants to become like other kids who go to school every day and play like normal kids. He sees a hope that I will get normal hands..

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