We know the result of the plane crash that happens almost every year around the world. Most of the passengers of the plane die by the plane crash. But these passengers get their life after the heroic landing of the pilot. A hero pilot landed a tourist jet \"blind\" after giant hailstones severely damaged the plane\'s nose and cockpit cracking the aircraft\'s windscreen. His brave action in returning to land safely at Istanbul\'s Ataturk Airport with 127 passengers on board won praise today.

Videos show the severe external damage to the Airbus A320 from a sudden unexpected hail attack in a thunder storm and passengers crying and praying as the stricken plane came in to a shaking landing. The huge jet has suffered several external damage after being pelted with giant hailstones while it was mid-flight during a massive thunder storm.

When he landed the plane, he was applauded by the whole platform of Ataturk Airport. Pilots of other aircraft flashed lights and just came on board to shake hands. The pilots were highly experienced that was a great fact also. A lot of people came out and applauded them. It is really worthy of respect.

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