We believe in miracle because we believe that God is the creator of all the creatures and things.  There are many people in this world who claim that they have seen the god or their symbol that is nothing but miracle. The 14-year-old traveler revealed the Virgin Mary had appeared to him during a visit to Portuguese pilgrimage site Fatima last month and revealed to him that she would reappear in Knock at 3pm on Saturday.
Thousands of people gathered to see the Virgin Mary ‘appear in Knock’  You can see some of them are busy for capturing the footage. You may think that this is nothing but the sun that is peeping from the cloud but it is not clear what the people are seeing. This happened at a shrine in Ireland on Saturday in the hope of witnessing a holy vision after a teenage mystic supposedly predicted it.

It is not clear what happened there and many commented on Facebook . Some commented the moment was nothing but the sun and moving cloud.

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