You should take care your belongings that you have with you when attending outdoor events, in case of pickpockets, but not everyone remembers. One woman attending an amusement park in Berlin recently, other people were watching out for her. But one man noticed her specially who was another intention.
In this video, you can see a young man in a black and white coat is seen standing behind a woman, seemingly in line. He was nothing but a thief. Later, he is glancing over his shoulder to see if he is being watched and his hand sneaks into her jacket pocket to steal her mobile phone. but the woman didn't notice this.

Immediately after he turns, two men descend on him who noticed his work, one getting him in a choke-hold, the other grabbing his wrist and checking his pockets.  It’s not clear the men are police officers or simply Good Samaritans. But it’s more likely that they are security of some sort. But it is a great work that she got her mobile.

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