There are many daredevils in this world who have horrifying desires that are like keeping life in the fist. It means the desire is too risky to perform that can snatch one's life at any moment. It is their sweet will but too risky.  A fearless dare devil performs death-defying stunts on hover-board at the top of a skyscraper, performing somersaults and playing basketball. Actually this badass tried to show death-defying hover-board stunts at the top of a soaring skyscraper for his fans. .
You can see this Russian stunt addict Oleg Sherstyachenko, 25, filmed himself hundreds of feet off the ground on a Hong Kong tower block. No one should do it because it is too risky for a non-professional.  He recorded the stunt on a selfie stick, can be seen carefully cleaning the roof ledge with his shirt to get rid of slippery patches.  We can clearly guess what can happen just after a losing balance.

He also begins cruising up and down the roof's edge performing nail-biting turns on a ledge not much wider than his board. Finally, he grabs a basketball and begins a run of dizzying back-flips and somersaults just centimeters from the sheer drop. He has become an internet sensation in his native Russia because of his death-defying antics.

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