Practice makes a man perfect but all men cannot afford to do that because the skill is embedded in human brain. Most of the time man can be skilled because of doing same thing for long. You may have seen amazing skill of man by dint of electronic media.  You have seen amazing skill of cooking in YouTube where the chefs are skilled that make the viewers amazed. 
Here in this video, you can see an amazing skill of a Japanese girl. the name of this Japanese girl is Asuka Kamimura who  works in a Japanese firm which requires her to do calculations at top speed. And Asuka is a clear winner as she operates it at 9 hits per second.

This young worker who excels at this skill. this wonder girl  can press the keys without even looking at the calculator and the accuracy of her calculation is 100%.  All the stuff of this company admires her for her amazing skill. Indeed she has become famous and is well-known throughout Japan or her amazing pressing skill on the calculator buttons.

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