People in uniform represent an unknown authority figure to kids. Kid's concept about police is that they only command and potentially punish others. Police uniforms themselves are often designed to be intimidating. Even the noise that a uniform makes when a person walks or its various tools and accessories particularly a gun can frighten some kids. A fear of police may also arise in children who have been traumatized by seeing a parent arrested, which from a child's perspective is one of the most frightening experiences they could ever endure. In total, the other name of the police is fear.
But this video has revealed that police is not the name of fear. By helping these local kids, and their parents, these police officers are showing kids that the officers will recognize their good behavior and reward it. Walpole Police in eastern Massachusetts are ticketing children for their good behavior. Walpole Police Officer Paul Lagoa pulled over a woman driving a Jeep and gave her six year old son Jack a ticket for holding her hand when they crossed the street. But the ticket came in the form of a free ice cream coupon.

A nine-year-old boy also received a coupon for wearing a helmet while riding his bicycle. The new police initiative is called "The Positive Ticket." It is a great mission for removing the bad ideas about the police from the mind of the small kids.

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