You know what you were at the age of 10. You would travel with your father when he would drive tractor in the farm land. You have remembered this right now. You will be astonished watching this amazing stunt but never think that he is grown up.  This kid is just 10 year old and loves performing stunts. He stunts on my tractor. He said that he loves driving and performs stunts on tractor in his village fields.
The name of this amazing stunt kid is Ratanjith Patil. He has become a master behind the wheel of the family plough. He can do such stunt after learning the tractor driving from his father.  Actually he can perform daredevil stunt such as wheelies and drifts.

The youngster, from Sangli, Maharashtra, India said, " I started driving such a huge tractor and started performing stunts my parents were so scared. But I felt happy doing them and you know every parent wants to see their child happy. What next? Today I drive through the village fields exploring my talent and everybody appreciates me so much."

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