We earn money and keep them in the bank. But when you have cash, you must find safer place to avoid the stealing or robbing. There are many problems of keeping money in the banks. Where’s the best place to keep your stash? Definitely not under you mattress, especially if the money is the proceeds of an alleged pyramid scheme.

But that’s what 28-year-old Brazilian Cleber Rene Rizerio Rocha did, piling wads of cash to the estimated value of $20 million under his mattress in a Massachusetts apartment. The money was kept hidden under a mattress because he wanted it will not be detected. This type of storing of money is against the law in most of the countries of the world.

Investigators Officers raided and found bundles of cash amounting to about $20 million stashed in a bed frame under a mattress. Police arrested this 28-year-old Brazilian man who allegedly acts as a courier for a money-laundering conspiracy. It is believed to have operated under the guise of an internet phone firm called TelexFree.

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