A man accused of killing a woman in Netherlands for slitting the throat of his female tenant. His killing system was a fear of the nearest region. Afghan-born Jamshid Piruz, 34, was previously jailed in the Netherlands for this crime.

Netherlands police was tracing this killer but he was able to hide himself in different places. At last Netherlands police able to identify his hiding place. At the moment police officers corner this murderer in an old shed in Crawley, West Sussex, he did not want to surrender to the police. Jamshid Piruz chases the police officers with a hammer after they corner him. He came out by dashing his hammer around.

The stunned officers back away but as they do, the suspect corners the female officer who can be heard screaming as she tries to fend off his attack. One of the officer rushes to her aid with their batons drawn, firing their tasers at the terror again in a desperate bid to subdue him. At last one of the male officers struck on his neck and shoulder. The brave cops are able to overpower and arrest Piruz. The officers able to arrest him without any injuries.

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