There are numerous craters across our planet\’s surface that indicate some very large objects have struck the Earth in the past. A theory of the scientists says that the Earth was struck by a planet about the size of Mars 4 billion years ago. It may be the ancient world when there were dinosaurs in this earth. If any space rock hits with our world, the dooms day will come, size is a matter here. The size of mountains or greater that are the most dangerous.

This week a comet that started life in the outer reaches of our solar system will be visible from Earth for the first time, as it approaches our planet\’s orbit. Although it will be visible this week in the south-eastern sky shortly before dawn, it appears to be no threat to us.

Another recently-discovered object, called 2016 WF9, has also been taking a scenic tour of our solar system, approaching Jupiter\’s orbit at its greatest distance from the sun. This space rock is called 2016 WF9 may also be visible next month after passing under the main asteroid belt and the orbit of Mars.Scientist think that this object is not a threat to Earth- NASA commented.

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