Humans are not the only intelligent race inhabiting this planet, regardless of how we may like to define the term intelligence as such. Orangutan is considered as the person of the forest. Orangutans are highly intelligent and are close relatives of humans. We know that this creatures are next to the human for their intelligence. Orangutans are among the smartest land animals on the planet too.

Intelligence as we understand it that is predominantly a social attribute. In other words, it is developed at its most among the species whose representatives initiate some sort of social interactions between themselves and learn life skills from each other and along each other. These orangutans have a society like human.

Here in this video, you can see amazing reaction of a orangutan when he saw an incredible moment of human. This is a sweet and supportive story about a woman breastfeeding in public that happened at the Melbourne Zoo. Elizabeth and her family was visiting Melbourne Zoo to celebrate her three-year-old daughter’s birthday. At one point of their visiting, when she began breastfeeding 13-week-old son Eli. At that moment a female orangutan came over to investigate the moment. The reaction of this female orangutan was same as feeling of proud. Actually it was an incredible moment.

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