Some people use disability as an excuse but the truth is that disability is not inability. If you are disabled in some way this does not mean that you are unable, just that you have certain limitations that must be worked around. Anyone who does not want to be productive and contribute to society will find a reason not to do so, and those who are truly disabled tend to find ways to work around their limitations instead of letting their disability define them and what they can do. Even those who are truly disabled in severe ways can still offer their knowledge and the abilities that they still maintain to the world.

Look at this girl in the video below who can manage to do in spite of having no hands. This unknown adorable girl has no hands that we have. But God has given her some special ability that cannot do all the girls at her age. This girl is preparing dessert using her half hand with no finger that lately went viral. She had no hands but this condition didn’t quit her from learning to prepare the meals using of the stumps of her arms. He is breaking eggs and mixing with other ingredients to make dessert. Actually it is difficult task for her but her intense desire has made her like a complete man.

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