Life is more valuable than time- this proverb is appropriate for this stupid elderly man. Life is valuable it is a great true that we know. You should always aware when you go out. most of the accident happens when man goes out for the work and that happens on the road. You may have seen some of this kind of accident that people do to save a little time of their life. This man was a great fool that is revealed by the footage he actually got his second life.

There are many places where rail lines crosses the roads. These crossings are dangerous for the vehicle and the passengers. This 77-year-old man from the Czech Republic has never been luckier. He was walking to cross a rail-track and he saw a train is coming with a great speed, but he thought another that was a great mistake. As he foolishly scurries across a train track, the man mis-times his walk and almost gets killed by a speeding train. He fell down beside the rail track and stands up. He started walking but could not walk properly. It seems he was a little bit hit.

I’m seriously wondering if this guy knows how train crossings work or if he was trying to get hit. Either way, this could have ended very, very badly.

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