Earth is a typical rocky planet, in an average solar system, nestled in the spiral arm of an ordinary galaxy. All the events and elements that came together to build our world could happen almost everywhere throughout the galaxy and there should be nothing unusual about the evolution of life on this planet or any others. In a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars, the law of averages dictates that intelligent life must exist somewhere.
There are many evidence of coming of alien. Some scientists believe that they will be a great threat for us.

If the universe is so full of the ingredients for alien life, why haven’t we found any yet? Or, more pertinently, considering how young humans are compared to the age of the universe, why haven’t any aliens found us? This question is coming from the modern civilization.

Here in this video you can see something incredible that was found in a state of India. The incident took place in Jodhpur’s Bawadi village in Rajasthan. Much to their surprize, they found this human-like organism.
This alien looking creature was found during a family was digging tube wells, which looks like an alien or little human. Found during excavations in the small human hand holding a man’s picture is posed which social media is quite viral.

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