Here’s further proof that it’s a mysterious world. Many people think that there are some creature in the world that never comes before the eyes of human. They sometimes appear and after a moment they disappear.
This strange and mysterious animal was seen in Russia that is not any animal of the world. It seems like it is a character from a Sci-Fi movie.

The video below has shown a creepy strange animal that can climb large and long building. This monster was climbing an apartment building somewhere in Russia and the worst part is that it looks like Slender Man. It is an huge, insect-like creature with long, stick-like arms and legs clinging to the side of the building. The creature moves down the building and across a corner before scampering down the other side of the building to the street below.
Russian media reported that in the residential area where this video was shot, nine people have disappeared during the last few decades, including two that disappeared in the months preceding the release of the video.

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