Birth is one of the most beautiful things in the world. Whether it’s a human, a mammal, a reptile, or an insect, every birth shows the amazing cycle of life — not to mention the strength of the mother which is always so incredible to witness.

This video that shows the fascinating moment, a baby chameleon was filmed of changing colour for the first time just moments after hatching from its egg. The footage shows the reptile crawling out of its shell, which resembles little more than a dried pea as it wriggles free. This moment happened on the palm of the You-Tuber.

As the man records from above, you see the tiny chameleon’s head pop out of the egg. The green chameleon, slowly but surely opens his eyes and then squirms his way out into the world. The tiny creature can be seen blinking its eyes and taking in the new world before stretching out its legs and breaking free. Actually it is a fascinating moment.

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