God is the owner of all creations and he is the controller of all things. He creates soul of the living things, rear them and take the soul from the body. These souls are universal that never die, it is the part of the almighty God.

Here in this video, the story is about the life that a human get after death.

In 1997, Julie Kemp was driving home from chapel with her husband Andy and their eight-year-old child Landon when their auto was smashed by an emergency vehicle in a horrifying accident. Landon’s dad died at the scene, and so did Landon -twice. Landon was taken to the hospital after the crash but his vital was not in his body that everyone thought. However they lost him again while in transit to the emergency room.

Doctors at Carolinas Medical Center in North Carolina brought him back again and told Julie he would likely not survive, but rather following two weeks in a trance like state, Landon miraculously woke up.

Julie was elated to get back her son. She hide the truth of his father’s death. She tentatively asked Landon if he knew where his dad was. That he respond, she shocked to the core. He said,"I saw him in heaven." Even more amazingly, he went on to describe Julie’s two other children that she had lost in a miscarriage years before Landon was born. Julie and her husband never told the young boy about them. But he also met with them.

This story is simply amazing to hear.