We know the power of wind when storm starts. It seems the earth is jerking when it is storm. A parachute can keep floating a matured man on the air. But it is easy for a parachute to make floated a little boy in the air.
A kite festival is a thing of merriment. But a kite festival practice in Vietnam ended in tragedy when a 5-year-old boy was accidentally tangled with string of a giant kite. His weight was too light to drag in the air for the kite. He was dragged up in the air that was 60 ft high from the ground. Then he falls from there and dies in Ho Chi Minh City.

The name of the kid was Van Minh Dat, who was only at the event to help his mother sell drinks to kite flyers and spectators. She did not noticed where her boy was. When a giant kite was flown, this little kid tangled with the string of the kite and pulled into the air. All the onlookers started screaming seeing this but they did not have any mean to save him. It was the accident of several moments. The little kid run near the kite, trying to help pick up some fallen soft drink bottles, but his leg got caught up in the kite string. The kite then instantly took off because of the strong winds, dragging the boy up. The moment was very shocking to all.

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