There are many badass guys who want to do romance with girls by doing something or want to become HERO to their girl friends. But some of them have to regret for their crazy doings. Here the man attempts to chat up a woman went horribly but hilariously  wrong.
The hilarious video shows, an unidentified man is showing some impressive moves as he balanced on the hydro-jet several feet above the water below him. This amazing stunt is a great satisfaction to the man and he may think that it is a great chance to impress the girl.

The man also dance to the music blaring over the bay as crowds watched on from the water and the nearby jetty. One bikini clad woman was there and appeared to catch his attention and he jetted over towards her. When the man tried to go near the girl to speak, the water jets propel him head first into a large set of speakers.

Luckily the man had a helmet on his head that protect him from great injury. It will be good lesson for him and never want to impress girls like this way.

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