Plaque is the smile's enemy. It is a sticky film of bacteria that covers the teeth. After you eat, the bacteria release acids that attack tooth enamel. And if you eat sugary foods without cleaning well afterword, plaque will thrive on that sugar. The more sugar you eat, the greater the amount of acid is produced in your mouth.
This video shows, a patient with a bad case of tartar bravely sat in a dentist’s chair and had the disgusting crust of hardened dental plaque removed from his gnashers. It is not clear how the man gets stored on the teeth. As it is absolutely disgusting, the whole process is immensely satisfying to watch.

The dentist is using force of water to remove the tartar from  the teeth. The tartars become like another teeth that is the disgusting scene that I have ever seen. The man did not brush his teeth for long that is clear to us. The video also teaches us that we should brush our teeth regularly.

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