We have seen  battle between the same species and it may be for survival or capturing the region. Elephants fight with other elephants or for survival from other predators. But it is rare to see fight with others specially the small creature like duck or other birds.
But this video has emerged of a goose battling an elephant that is an hilarious contest which proves that with tenacity and a determined focus even the most daunting odds can be beaten. This hilarious battle took at the Hogle Zoo in Utah when Zuri.

You can see a young African elephant is challenged by a Canada goose whose aggression is so intense that it seems utterly oblivious to their obvious difference in size. It is a matter of fun that the adorable elephant cannot overpower the single-minded goose.

The young elephant sprays water at the goose with its trunk but the goose will not budge. It is not clear that why the elephant could not show any brave to approach the duck. The diminutive bird does not even back down when the elephant swings its trunk dangerously close. The bird is actually brave who did not show any fear but the large elephant goes back to its place.

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