To become a firefighter one must to pass some steps that are hard to pass. Some tests are so hard that it is impossible to handle. The powerful force of water emitting from a flexible pipe is hard to catch because it gets huge energy.  A firefighter was caught on camera struggling to wrangle an out-of-control hose.
The video shows the firefighter in an apparent training exercise trying to gain control of a fire hose writhing around on the pavement and shooting water in all directions. The firefighter has difficultly keeping control of the hose, despite tips from an onlooking colleague.

It seems the firefighter is practicing for developing his skill. The hose pipe at one point tangles itself in the firefighter's legs, causing him to fall to the ground. The test or practice comes to an end when the other firefighter signals colleagues off-camera to shut off the hose's supply of water.

The firefighter appears to handle his defeat gracefully, smiling for the camera and his applauding coworkers. The location of the video is unclear, but the moment is actually hilarious.

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