Human possess curiosity that leads them to invent something new. They can also do something aimlessly for quench their curiosity. Suppressors are hot items these days, both in the military and the civilian world. But they can also get very hot during extended firing periods, and can even self destruct before the barrels they are attached to do the same.
These men over at West Coast Armory put a little video together to show what a machine gun and a lot of ammo, 700 rounds of 5.56X45 to be exact, can do to one of these sounds suppressing weapon accouterments. The results are impressive and although the suppressor basically disintegrated, failing around 350 rounds, it gave a good fight before doing so. You can see the work of these guys that will make you fool because you can ask you about their curiosity. The firing ends with the burst of the barrel of the rifle.

Suppressors have long been popular among special operations units. With their own budgets and streamlined procurement processes, many examples of suppressors have become widespread throughout the special operations community.

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